Marketing and Program Director

Charles “Chico” Rouse Jr.

Charles “Chico” Rouse Jr.

Charles “Chico” Rouse Jr., the Zephyr’s new marketing director, said he intends “to show people how we can do it ‘small,’ to convince donors that we can do it ‘big’.”

He has a broad spectrum background in theater and the entertainment world. He has worked with the Count Basie Theater as Marketing & Program Director, Artist in Residence. Chico also worked as General Manager of the Paramount Theater / Convention Center.  He also worked as the Special Event Director for the City of Asbury Park, NJ.

Chico has an extensive national affiliation with Smithsonian Anthology Collection, Smithsonian National Museum of African History, New Jersey Jazz and Blues Foundation, National Jazz Museum in Harlem, NJ Counsel of the Arts, Library of Congress and National Museum of African American History and Culture.

He has had a distinguished 50-year career as professional jazz musician, producer, celebrity musician promoter and music club owner. He recently relocated from the East Coast to Stillwater at the wishes of his wife, Maria D’Onofrio, who had lived in the area and loved Stillwater. Rouse has followed the performing paths of his late parents. His father Charles Rouse was a renowned jazz player on the saxophone and flute. His mother Esperanza Rouse was a dancer in the still famous Cotton Club music venue in New York City. They collaborated with well-known artists including Thelonious Monk and Lena Horn, respectively.

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