The Zephyr Art Gallery: Lena Wolf Rothman




PLACE: The Zephyr Theatre Gallery, 601 Main St. N. in Stillwater

LENGTH OF SHOW: Through Jan. 31, 2019

Forty-nine paintings and drawings by Ms. Rothman
are on display and available for purchase.

 “The Boathouse”

The vibrancy and nuances that light gives color and form uplift me profoundly. As a member of the Portrait Society of America and Pastel Society of America, I appreciate the great teachings and life-long experiences that have influenced my work.

I trained from 1975 to 1982 at the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis, focusing on the classical realism genre of visual art. Here I deepened my desire to express the spiritual and esthetic beauty that comes from light.

In the 1990s, I studied Dutch-Flemish portraiture with Jeff Hurinenko, learning painting and glazing techniques, and with Joseph Paquet, a well-known plein air painter, at the Hurinenko & Paquet Studio in St. Paul.

My time in 2002 at the Florence Academy of Art was another significant experience in my development as a painter. In 2004, I devoted the summer searching for information about my ancestry in Iasi, Romania, which resulted in a collection of paintings of life in Romania, some of which are in the show at The Zephyr Gallery.

In 2008, I exhibited my painting “Cristina,” below, at the Richeson Gallery in Wisconsin as part of an international exhibit.

My home and studio are in Stillwater, Minnesota. For more information about my work, please visit


Zephyr gallery artists are chosen by Teary O’Hara, a member of our board of trustees, an art collector, and the director and curator of the theatre’s gallery. The public is welcome to peruse the gallery during Zephyr performances evenings and weekends. To be considered for a future exhibit, please contact Teary at

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