CURTIS & LORETTA CONCERT – Sunday, January 13, 2019

CURTIS & LORETTA CONCERT - Sunday, January 13, 2019Minneapolis husband-and-wife duo “Curtis & Loretta” will appear at The Zephyr
Theatre on Sunday, January 13, at 2 pm. It will be a benefit concert to help
transform The Zephyr Theatre into an exquisite performing arts center.

Curtis and Loretta’s performances feature tight vocal harmonies, guitars,
mandocello, banjo, ukulele, and folk harp, all underscored by their deep connection
with their listeners. Curtis’ down-home sense of humor and Loretta’s theater
background engage the audience in an experience that runs the gamut of rolling
with laughter to holding back tears, with plenty of side-trips in between.

The duo tours across the U.S., delivering their poignant original songs along with
carefully chosen traditional songs. City Pages named them “Best Acoustic
Performers of the Twin Cities.” A grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board backed
their latest CD, “When There’s Good to Be Done,” which features songs Loretta
wrote about “unsung heroes:” real-life people who overcame great challenges in
their lives. The recording was included in “Top Albums of 2016” on the folk radio
charts (folk-dj).

Loretta is a Stillwater native, and her great-grandfather, Sebastian Simonet, started
Simonet Furniture and Mortuary back in 1864.

“Curtis and Loretta are in many ways the quintessential folk duo: finely honed vocal
harmonies of multidimensional intrigue, abundant talent on an array of stringed
instruments, deep traditional roots, great originals, and equally strong strains of
gravity and playful irreverence.” …City Pages A-List

Tickets: $20

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