Food for Thought Theater

Unfortunately this Facebook Live performance has been cancelled.

Days:  Sundays, March 29, 2020
Time:  12:00 Noon
Tickets:  Free

The Zephyr is introducing a new theater series we’re calling “Food For Thought Theater.”

The series will feature short plays (usually under an hour) that present ethically challenging themes which will hopefully stimulate a spirited post-show discussion. Showtimes will be Sunday noon. (What better day to ponder ethical matters?)

Our first offering will be “The Fever,” by Wallace Shawn, performed by film and television veteran Pat O’Brien (Clarence the Angel in the Zephyr’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”).

The Pioneer Press called Pat’s production of “The Fever”:
“A Must See! A meaty meditation on privilege and poverty…this tale of the dark night of the soul offers enough food for thought to spark a post-show discussion that could go well into the night and beyond.”

And from the San Diego Union-Tribune:
“The Fever is a show about a comfortably wealthy and cultured American’s fever-addled emotional struggle with his responsibility to aid the world’s poor. O’Brien is a master of the craft and he brings the words alive in a perfectly pitched, superbly acted and visceral performance.”

If you’re up for a challenge, please join us at The Zephyr for some Food for Thought.

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