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In 2019, new pavers were laid outside at the theatre, and now those blank pavers at the south entrance -- as well as other pavers, bricks and tiles -- can be purchased and engraved with words.

"Your words,” said Calyssa Hall, The Zephyr’s executive artistic director. “Consider purchasing a paver, brick or tile in the name of a new-born child or cherished loved one. Or honor a vet, thank a hero, support a friend, praise a grad, or simply add your name to proclaim your support of the arts.”

Future theatre plans include laying more pavers on the western walkway outside and  remodeling the building inside. The floor of the lounge/lobby area will include memory tiles, and the north entrance will feature a commemorative brick wall. The inside work is part of a large project that is still on the drawing board. If you are interested in funding this remodeling and commemorating your support, you are invited to purchase a walkway paver or inside tile or brick to be engraved at a later date.

Brick map v4 20200627
Message for South entrance pavers
Message for Western walkway pavers

45 character message for inside tiles
60 character message for inside tiles

message for north entrance brick

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