Office hours

The Zephyr Theatre office is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Calyssa Hall - Artistic Director

Calyssa Hall, Artistic Director

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Franz Hall - Managing Director

Franz Hall, Managing Director

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Charles "Chico" Rouse Jr. - Marketing and Program Director

Charles “Chico” Rouse Jr – Marketing and Program Director

Charles “Chico” Rouse Jr., the Zephyr’s new marketing director, said he intends “to show people how we can do it ‘small,’ to convince donors that we can do it ‘big’.”

He has a broad spectrum background in theater and the entertainment world. He has worked with the Count Basie Theater as Marketing & Program Director, Artist in Residence. Chico also worked as General Manager of the Paramount Theater / Convention Center. He also worked as the Special Event Director for the City of Asbury Park, NJ.  Click here to read more about Chico.

Jerry Clark - Films Director

Jerry Clark – Films Director

Jerry Clark is the Managing Director at St Croix Film Society.  He grew up in Stillwater, MN in the late 70s and early 1980s, spending many of his teenage weekends renting just about every movie available in the local video store. While attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA he was introduced to Vertigo and Casablanca on the big screen. He truly fell in love with the classic cinema. Jerry left Pittsburgh, serving as a bridge builder in the US Army. He lived in many places around the U.S. and a few around the world, returning home to Stillwater in 2010. For a few years he had been dreaming of opening a small theatre in downtown Stillwater. He was delighted to find the mission of the Zephyr Theater paired perfectly with his aspirations. In addition to being a patron of the local music scene Jerry also enjoys woodworking and making Scandinavian baking tins.

Megan Wagner Floan – Executive Administrations Coordinator
Obed Floan – Executive Operations Coordinator

Megan Wagner Floan and Obed Floan are owners of M-OStudio Enterprises, LLC.  They are voice builders, master instructors, diction coaches, and guest clinicians.  Obed and Megan have been teaching voice lessons since 2001.  Their quest for singing knowledge has taken them all over the world. They firmly believe that it is their duty as lovers of the craft of singing to share their knowledge and expertise with the masses.

Bil MacLeslie – Technical Director

MacLeslie is the Technical Director for the Zephyr Theatre. Trained as a technician, and grounded in safety, MacLeslie has a diverse background, forged from a passion to deliver emotional stories with visual appeal. MacLeslie started his stage career while still in grade school, living and working with a small light opera company based in Minneapolis; The Minnesota Singers Theatre.

Immediately upon graduating high school, MacLeslie went on to full time work at the Guthrie Theatre, and spent his formative years as a “smoke and mirrors technician”, immersed in a full repertory schedule; setting up and tearing down multiple shows per week. After spending 4 years perfecting his skills at the Guthrie, MacLeslie went on to work as an independent production technician with theatre groups of all sizes; Theatre De La Jeune Lune, The Minnesota Opera, Jungle Theatre, and Eye of the Storm. Working in venues as diverse as the Southern Theatre, the State Theatre, and The Ordway, MacLeslie is comfortable with putting productions up into spaces that challenge most industry veterans. This skill comes from extensive national tours with bands such as the Replacements, REM, X, The Jets, Rod Stewart and The Nylons.

After spending a decade mastering the technical challenges of theatre and live performance, MacLeslie was lured into the field of technology, to connect people with the opportunities the Internet offered.

Today, MacLeslie is the Chief Executive Officer of Technology By Design, a Minneapolis based Managed Service Service Provider. Prior to starting Technology By Design, MacLeslie spent over 24 years helping his clients manage and leverage the Internet. MacLeslie spent 13 years building a cloud hosting company, ipHouse. Prior to ipHouse, MacLeslie was at, a local Internet Service Provider.

MacLeslie has worked as an independent consultant specializing in planning, installing and maintaining computer networks for corporations and educational institutions. In his spare time he served as president of the Minnesota Internet Services Trade Association, and spent time on the Boards of two well known Minnesota Tech advocacy groups, the Minnesota High Tech Association and MinneStar.

MacLeslie sees many parallels between the live entertainment industry and the world of technology; “The challenges are similar, to provide a quality experience of unparalled value. When I was touring with Rod Stewart the people who came to see him had an expectation. Rod delivered beyond the expectation and developed a loyal fanbase. Using technology is the same. Our clients have an expectation and we deliver, beyond their expectations. Our clients have become loyal fans of Technology By Design.”

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