Professional Volunteer

Volunteers are the heartbeat of The Zephyr Theatre and many hands make short work.

Yes, there are many essential volunteer opportunities for short term, event oriented, jobs.  But The Zephyr could not support its performances in such a professional manner without all the wonderful people that share their skills and enthusiasm before, during, and after every event.   You can click here for current volunteer needs.

So, if you are looking for a more serious commitment please contact Madeline Weiss at

As of January 27, 2020 we are looking for:

School Program Assistants

  • This person will have the skills to:
    • Help the director in tasks
    • Supervise students (aka “wrangle children”)
    • Lead breakout sessions
    • Review lines/scenes

Carpenter Volunteer

  • This person will have the skills to:
    • Build sets
    • Plan and submit accurate shopping lists for sets, by performance
    • Climb ladders and work in high spaces
    • Lift and carry heavy objects
    • Use power tools

Snow Removal

  • This person will be able to:
    • Show up with every snow
    • Keep the front walk clear of ice
    • Confirm all pedestrian approaches are cleared before every performance
    • And may be be available at the end of performances when the snow is falling during the performance

Landscape Maintenance

  • This person will:
    • Keep weeds pulled around the building
    • Remove trash from landscaped areas, from the curb on Main Street to the bike path on the east side of the building
    • Before performances assist with placing necessary traffic controls, such as
      • marking additional handicap parking spots
      • locating and placing entrance and exit control horses
      • painting signage and decks

Social Media Support

  • This person will:
    • Know how to use Instagram and updating event Calendars
    • Work with the Marketing Department to focus on prioritized events
    • Be aware of The Zephyr’s calendar and various venues, and tag team with the Marketing Department to make efficient use of time

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