Sustaining Members

Directors Club

Agapé Arts, LLC
Paul J. Anderson
Dr. Gary Bird
Bracewell-Musson Family - Michelle, Rod, Chad, and Colin
Matthew and Kim Corbett
Eviston Family
Studio St. Croix
Merilly Karel

Michael Manore
Jeanne & Jack Matlock
Kevin Nyenhuis
Don Phillips
Karen & Dave Ratte
Dr. Gary, Suzanne, and Henry Schwartz
St. Croix Ballet
Karen Watters
Nick and Jenna Weiss

Sustaining Members

Kim Allgor
Dale and Nancy  Anderson
Jeanne Anderson
Anonymous (30)
Robin Anthony
Tom and Linda Ash
Bartelt Family
Randal Berger
Sandy Brom and Ray Grinsteinner
Jim and Joanne Brown
Lisa and John Burban
Cheryl Burch-Schoff
Jacque  Cody
Patrick Connors
Daphne & Tom Corbett
James Dahl
Robert Dickie
Diane Donley
Jill Dreyfus
Marcus Dryer
Amy Ebertz
Melanie Ebertz
Jerry and Bev Ecklund
Alexander Eder
Mary K Ehrhart
Brian and Danielle Erdrich
Tim Erickson
Mickey & Beau  Farmer
Tim & Noreen Farrell
Melinda and Paul Fierro
Nora Flavin
Dan and Sue Foote
Leslie & Roger Frick
Rita and Merlin Friesen
Stephen and Elaine Galick
Chuck and Karen Glaser
Jerry and Claire Goetzke
Connie Goldman
A supporting member
John Grzybek
Steve and Julie Hague
Rachael Harvey
Dr. TediAnne Hasapopoulos
Sharon and Tom Hollatz
James Honsvall
Ben & Diane Jackson
Eric and Jerilyn Jackson
Robb & Julie Jacobs

Jeff Janacek and Sally Colwell
Ronald R. Jarrett
Cam Jarvis
Jespersen Family
Kari's Create and Paint Studio
Steve Keller
Denny and Catherine Kilbane
Peggy & Gordy Kircher
Mary Kay Costmetics, Larry and Martha Klein
Mary Kroon  & Tom Leach
Stephanie & Michelle LeGros and their families
Joyce and Ron  Leslie
Lisa Lilly
Clan MacLeslie
Lisa and Matt MacNeil
Martin Family
Michon Montean
Jennifer Nickolaus
Mitchell Noah
Tim and Peggy Orgeman
Lara Otsuka
Phillip Pearsall
Jon and Jackie Pedersen
Diane and Tom Polasik
Lois Purcell
Nance Purcell
Charlie & Denise Roed
Connie Ryan-Oakes
Timothy Safe
Annette Sallman
Gloria Sell
Joyce Simonson
Wes Sly and Dianne Willer-Sly
Gary and Julie Solomonson
Paul and Claire Spilseth
Rob & Heidi Stevenson
Zachary Thelen-Liebl
Jessica Thienes
Barb Trueman
Kathy & Jax Vollmer
Angela Walberg
Tony and Gina Watry
David Wick
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Wanda Wiebe
Celia and Ronald P Wirth
Michael & Dawn Ziegelski

Updated January 4, 2020

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